Ting is a whimsical little tiger cub. She is needle felted in a static pose, with her body turning to reach out her front leg and view the wondrous tiny blue butterfly that has landed on her tiger cub paw, while balancing herself on three feet. She tries to remain graceful, even though she still has those big clumsy tiger cub paws. Ting is very solidly needle felted with a core of ivory Cotswold wool fiber. Her body was then completely covered with two additional layers of needle felted white fiber to allow her to become a truly white tiger. Her detailing includes gentle shading of pink tones in her ears, and small areas of gray to shadow her white color. Her body has black stripes, leaving her lower legs mostly white. The Chinese symbol for the Year of the Tiger is incorporated among the black stripes, located proudly on her chest area. Pink tones of wool are needle felted to form her nose and paw pad areas. She even has little thread whiskers. I hand painted Ting's premium glass eyes. The tiny butterfly is also handmade by me. Ting stands 7.5 inches from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. She measures 6.5 inches from her nose to her rear end, not including her tail.

"Ting - Chinese Year of the Tiger",

was created for the

2009 Thread Artist Guild® Annual Award Challenge


2010 Golden Teddy Award Nomination

presented by Teddy Bear Review Magazine


1st Place Winner

2009 Thread Artist Guild® Annual Award Challenge