These two Luv Bugs are truly enjoying a wonderful romance.  Olivia is seated on her favorite flower, giggling with flirtatious shyness, as Oliver lovingly caresses one of her sweet little feet.  He is kneeling before the love of his little bug life, whispering sweet romantic comments to let her know how much he adores her.

Olivia and Oliver are two very happy "Luv Bugs".  They are very solidly needle felted with a cherry cordial color blend of Corriedale wool.  The wool blend has been separated into two colors, then needle felted to sculpt their little bug bodies.  All twelve of their legs and feet are needle felted over wire to allow different posing possibilities.  Their heads are string jointed to allow movement.  They have little wire antennas and 6mm black onyx eyes.  Their flower and leaf are completely needle felted. Even the tiny center bits of the flower are wool.

Olivia and Oliver are 3.5 inches from the top of their heads to their little bug butts.  The flower is 6 inches across.



"Olivia and Oliver - Luv Bug Romance",

was created for the

2009 Thread Artist Guild® "Luv Bugs" Challenge.


"Olivia and Oliver - Luv Bug Romance" is available for adoption. 

2009 Golden Teddy Award Nomination
presented by Teddy Bear Review Magazine