"How Teddy Bears Train Baby Dragons", 12.25 inches, is a solid needle felted sculpture created for the TBAI Gallery Challenge August 2010, by Marge Wiese, Thread and Fiber Artist, Princess4Paws Designs and Creations. The theme for the Gallery Challenge was "Children's Classics" in film and literature. My Children's Classic title was "How to Train Your Dragon". This story has a young Viking boy as the dragon trainer. My piece is an interpretation of how Teddy Bears would train dragons.


J. R. Behr, the famous Teddy Bear Dragon Trainer, is solid needle felted with medium brown Romney wool and is posed in a static position sitting on the mossy needle felted rocks. He is waiting for the newly discovered baby dragon to come down off the rocks and play.  J. R. is wearing dark brown pants, and dark brown, black laced boots with a crocheted fur-look top cuff. The crocheted yarn is brushed for a fur look. J. R. is also wearing his favorite bear trainer fur-look vest, which is also crocheted with a furry yarn, then brushed. J. R. has premium glass eyes and gentle shading to bring out his personality.  His black nose is needle felted, then sealed. He has a few freckles and a confident smirk on his face. J. R. has needle felted antique white paw pads. If J.R. was standing, he would be approximately 7.5 inches tall.


J. R. holds a yellow needle felted duckie toy, .75 inch high, in his paw to entice the newly discovered baby dragon to come down off the rocks and play. J.R. always has his dragon training manual nearby when he trains baby dragons.


Baby Dragon is perched on top of a tall mound of mossy needle felted rocks. She is eagerly watching the dragon trainer as she decides if he can be trusted. Baby Dragon is solid needle felted with a blend of copper, orange, and nutmeg wool with a yellow sectioned tummy. She is posed in a static position, attached to the top rocks. She is a very young dragon and is just starting to develop the spikes along her head, back, and tail. Her wings and tail fins are handmade, and hand painted by me. They are slightly translucent, allowing a faint glow of light to be seen through them. They are soft, but have a fine wire running through the wings to help them retain their shape. Baby Dragon has premium glass eyes and gentle shading to bring out her personality.  If the dragon was standing, she would be approximately 5.5 inches tall.


The rocks are solid needle felted and attached to form a unique rock mound. They are needle felted with different wool types in grey and cream. The mossy bits on the rocks are needle felted with several shades of green wool mixed with brown wool. The rock core pieces were sewn together one at a time as the mound was built. The unique shaping was felted into the core rocks to create the individual unique rocks and special shaping to accommodate the bear and dragon as their shapes were developed. The rock mound is 9.5 inches high, 11 inches wide, and 5.5 inches deep, 12.25 inches to the top of Baby Dragon Horns.


The little book is a simple manual, "How Teddy Bears Train Baby Dragons". It has printed instructions for the use of play toys, such as a yellow duckie, to get the trainer acquainted with the baby dragon. 

Awarded Peoples Choice third place, Artist Gallery creations, 8 inches and under.

(Size determined by the largest character in the creation, not the overall creation height.)

Voting was by all who attended the 2010 Teddy Bear Artist Invitational Convention.


This needle felted wool sculpture can now be viewed at the

Susan Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear Museum and Library

Santa Barbara, CA.