About Me - The Artist . . .

My name is Marge Wiese.
I am an award winning Thread and Fiber Artist,
specializing in handmade collectible Teddy Bear creation.
I am located in Central Florida, USA.
My artistry background also includes,
decorative hobby ceramics and decorative painting.

My creations vary in size from
tiny micro bears that are less than 2 inches standing,
to small bears that are approximately 14 inches standing.
I have been making my whimsical creations for several years.
My creations are all handmade by me.
Some may look similar, but since they are all handmade
they are all One-Of-A-Kind, with their own unique personalities.
My handmade collectible thread and fiber creations include:

~ Miniature Crocheted Teddy Bears ~
~ Traditional Sewn Teddy Bears ~

~ Needle Felted Wool Sculptures ~

~ "Bear Friends" (other animals) ~

Please note . . .

My Teddy Bears and Bear Friends are created as art objects,

and are intended to be enjoyed as adult collectible items.

They are not suitable for small children.

Bear Adoptions

My Teddy Bears and Bear Friends are offered for adoption through several online bear artist shows as well as directly from my website. Occasionally I will be offering bears from my personal "Hug". These are bears that I created, but just could not bring myself to offer them for adoption.  I now realize that I cannot keep so many of my creations.  My available bears can be viewed by selecting the "Available for Adoption" tab in the menu at the top of my website pages.

Examples of some of my adopted bears and other creations can be viewed by selecting the "Photo Gallery" tab in the menu at the top of my website pages. I do accept special requests and custom orders, if they fit into my available time.

If you would like to receive bear related news and bear show notifications, please select the "Contact Me" tab in the menu at the top of my website pages, and send me a message along with your contact information.

My "Fur-Children"


I am owned by some very special boxers, my "Fur Children", all named after animated princesses. They are my loving companions. When I decided to offer my bears for adoption I needed to decide on a business name. "Princess4Paws" was a nickname my husband gave to my first boxer fur-child, Jasmine, when she was a tiny puppy just learning how to walk on a leash. At least she was supposed to be walking. When my husband came in after a walk holding little Jasmine curled up in his arms, I asked him what was wrong.  He responded that little "Princess4Paws" just wanted to sit in the grass, not walk, so he carried her. When it came time to select a name for my bear business, her big loving eyes reminded me of her nickname, and I made my decision, "Princess4Paws".